#UggyWithYou: what recommendations for my employees and me?

To our friends, chiefs of small companies, offices managers and HRD, we offer a little recap 'to protect work and especially health:

  1. Follow health recommendations ☝🏾

Go to www.gouvernement.fr/info-coronavirus .

2. Take the necessary measures to ensure the safety and protect the health of your employees (article L.4121-1). Teleworking, postponement of trips, shifting of the dates of leave granted: go ahead, safety above all! 🤓

    3. If one of your employees is considered a risky case by the ARS, we leave the work stoppage 📝

      See you on https://www.ameli.fr

      4. If you absolutely must work at your workplace (that is, if your work cannot be done remotely and deferred), respect the barrier measures and be very careful 🔍

        5. For employees who are parents of children under 16, choose telework. If this is not possible, this means sick leave and compensation for one of the two parents 👪

          See you on https://www.ameli.fr

          6. To adapt your activity to the crisis, several tools exist. The partial activity scheme (partial unemployment) and then the FNE-Training scheme can be applied 💪🏼

          Basically: all companies whose activity is totally or partially declining can benefit from the partial activity mechanism. You have 30 days to file your request, with retroactive effect. Thanks to this system, your employees are compensated up to 70% of gross salary and 84% of net salary. They will be fully supported by the State up to 4.5 times the minimum wage, which represents 95% of wages. Beyond that, you will be responsible for the differential.

            Good to know: apprentices also benefit from partial unemployment.

            And for the other scenarios, the Ministry of Labor has posted a super FAQ 🙏🏽 (Ctrl F + a keyword related to your situation)


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