Employee benefits: a lever for QVT

Signed in June 2013, the national interprofessional agreement on the Quality of Life at Work (QVT) aims to implement actions to reconcile the improvement of the living conditions of employees and the performance of companies. These actions cover working conditions, employment conditions and extra-professional living conditions related to work. The implementation of a QVT approach within a company is done in consultation with the CSE, which in its many attributions is in charge of offering employee benefits to staff. We will see in this article what role can the employee benefits of CSEs play in the QVT approach.

1. Employee benefits positively influence employee performance

The goal of any business is to be efficient and to get there, it needs its employees. However, they must feel valued, confident and comfortable in the business to give the best of themselves. According to a 2007 TNS survey for the CNTR, thanks to the implementation of employee benefits , 80% of SME managers noted a significant improvement in QWL with a strong impact on the performance of their employees. This shows that employee benefits are a real motivational asset for employees and a lever to be used by companies to obtain better results from their teams.

2. Employee benefits improve the attractiveness of the company

What employee has never dreamed of joining a company that offers ski trips or to the other side of the world at prices negotiated with its partners? Or even reduced tickets for concerts or amusement parks? The candidates are more and more sensitive to these employee benefits which can make the difference and convince them, beyond the salary. If they are loyal over the long term, this will only be beneficial for the company since they will invest themselves thoroughly and will certainly recommend their employer to those around them.

3. Employee benefits increase the purchasing power of employees

In an increasingly difficult economic climate with union demands on purchasing power, a large majority of employees aspire to raise their standard of living. In this context, employee benefits are welcome. If we take for example the case of restaurant tickets, one of the preferred employee benefits of employees, almost eight in ten employees consider them as a significant additional purchasing power. Indeed, eating well in big cities can quickly represent a significant budget for an employee. And discounts on certain delivery services turn out to be a real plus!

Through your CSE , you can quickly and easily implement employee benefits within your company. As we have seen throughout the article, they will definitely boost your QVT policy. If you want to get involved in this process, Uggy, one of the key players in the digital CSE market, will be able to support you. With its large network of partners, your employees will benefit from employee benefits in several different areas. You can fill out this form to find out more.

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