How can CSE software help you better manage your activities?

Compulsory in companies with more than 11 employees since January 1, 2020, the CSE has an extended scope of action including the activities of IRP, DP, CE and CHSCT. This implies more responsibilities to assume and a lot of operations to manage: communication with employees, monitoring of CSE management, accounting, etc. Managing these operations with Excel or Word files can be extremely time consuming. To effectively manage its various activities, it is useful for the CSE to be equipped with CSE software. How can a management tool make your CSE's life easier? We give you some answers in this article.

Save time in managing the benefits platform

Employee benefits are included in the management of social and cultural activities (ASC). With CSE software, you have the possibility of properly configuring your ASCs by families, by types of activities, by operating modes, etc. You will be able to manage the ticket office, activities with reservations, group activities and follow the places available in almost real time. Thanks to Uggy, you can also set up reimbursements for your employees according to the available budget. Allocate € 15 for culture per month to all your employees? It is possible, and everything is automated.

Simplify beneficiary management

Beneficiary management is one of the major features of a CSE management tool. The tool is used in particular to manage personal information, family situation, professional information, beneficiaries, etc. These data are necessary not only to list the employee benefits of the beneficiaries but also to monitor the consumption of their rights. In addition, the tool provides statistical monitoring which allows the CSE to have an overview of the employee benefits most valued by the beneficiaries by categories (for example travel, culture, well-being, entertainment, etc.)

Monitor CSE accounting

Several CSE software offers an accounting management module. In some cases, accounting is said to be integrated. This means that actions at the level of management modules have repercussions directly in the accounts. For example, sales entries in show ticketing will automatically generate accounting entries in the Accounting module. Beyond the integrated accounting dimension, a CSE software makes it possible to ensure the separation of the two budgets (operation and ASC) and to carry out the classic operations of entry of journal entries as well as the operations of means management payment methods such as cash orders, check delivery slips, etc. Other essential functionalities in accounting are also present: accounting statements, bank reconciliations, accounting closure, profit and loss accounts and balance sheet.

You will understand, to avoid managing your activities in Excel and to save time in structuring your benefits platform and managing your daily operations, CSE software will be useful for you. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us .

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