Freelancers, you also have the right to a works council!

Long reserved for employees of companies, the services of works councils are now accessible to the self-employed. Indeed, with the development of new technologies and the advent of online works councils, all workers are now entitled to the same benefits. You therefore understand that if you are a self-employed or freelance worker, you too can take advantage of the benefits of a works council in the same way as an employee. How to benefit from these services? What benefits are they exactly? We answer these questions in this article.

How to benefit from the advantages of a works council as a freelance?

When you are independent and want to have fun or travel, it can quickly become expensive. But when you are part of a works council, the latter contributes to the costs. Today, you don't have to be part of a company with several employees to have access to a works council. Indeed, there are digital or digital works councils that support freelancers / freelancers. Uggy, one of the key players in this field offers an offer at an unbeatable price: for a subscription of only € 4.90 per month (the subscription is also paid for in a cinema seat thanks to the proposed reductions) , you have access to a wide choice of services from fifty of Uggy's partners in a dozen business sectors. It is a subscription without commitment, without any additional costs, which is paid monthly and which gives you access to a practical online interface where you will have access to your various services. In addition, because Uggy adapts to your situation, there is also a professional offer to help you calmly build your business.

What works council services are offered to freelancers?

Uggy gives you access to a real "benefits club" by allowing you to benefit from many attractive rates on entertainment and leisure with partners such as Disneyland, Airbnb, Gaumont, Marionnaud, Club Med, Relais & Châteaux, Misterfly, ViaPresse, Heetch, and many others. You will be able to save on your outings with friends or family in the leisure parks, on events and shows, on press and magazine subscriptions, on travel and rentals, on cinema outings, on gift cards for your purchases daily with several retail chains, etc.

In addition, Uggy has negotiated special discounts on daily services: offers from online banks, credits for freelancers, guarantees and guarantees for apartment rentals, etc. in order to allow freelancers to be on an equal footing with employees within companies.

As we have seen throughout this article, you and your employees have the opportunity to access the benefits offered by works councils today and Uggy supports you from A to Z in this process. Do you want to know more and finally take advantage of services that will do good to your finances by increasing your purchasing power? Contact us by filling out this form .