Recruiters, stand out!

Recruiting good profiles is essential for any business, because it is the quality of the collaborators that somehow determines the success of the business. Recruiters in companies thus have many expectations of candidates. But nowadays, the job market has become so competitive that candidates, too, are increasingly demanding of employers!

How can recruiters stand out to attract the best candidates? What types of employee benefits can they offer to convince them?

In this article, we will see 2 effective ways that companies can use to differentiate themselves.

1. Offer flexible working hours

Several studies show that offering flexible working hours is booming in many countries around the world and many employees attach great importance to it. This is all the more true for generations Y and Z, who are very used to new technologies. For them, it is simply inconceivable to work every day while respecting fixed schedules. They seek freedom and wish to carry out a work which impassions them while giving an important part to their personal life. In this perspective, having flexible hours is important because it increases the well-being of employees since their needs are taken into account. This has a definite impact on their motivation and their loyalty to the company.

2. Set up a works council with interesting offers

Many candidates, it is true, attach importance to the salary offered for hire. But the salary alone is no longer enough for a candidate to decide to join a company. In fact, during the final phase of the recruitment process, more and more candidates ask questions about the employee benefits offered by companies. One of the most popular employee benefits is certainly the Works Council or the Works Council. If CE is popular in medium and large companies, it is less popular in startups and freelancers.

If you are a freelance or the founder of a startup, know that there are today on the CE market dedicated to you. Uggy, one of the major players in this market is a fully digital works council that offers turnkey solutions for Freelancers, SMEs and Startups. Thanks to its large network of partners spread over more than 10 business sectors, Uggy allows you to benefit from preferential rates for many services. Choosing Uggy means deciding to spend less and profit more!

As you can see, offering flexible hours and setting up a works council with attractive offers are employee benefits that cannot leave candidates indifferent. And you know it now, no matter the size of your company (startup, medium or large company) and even if you are freelance, there are today solutions to benefit from the advantages of an CE.

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