Corporate culture: Why offer advantages to its employees?

Because ensuring the well-being (both professional and personal) of its employees contributes to the overall performance of any business, it must be an integral part of its organizational culture. Between the values, rites, visions and habits that drive her daily life, she must, by setting up employee benefits , care about their living and working conditions. This additional distinction perfectly expresses the deep identity of the company, makes it unique and is moreover very well perceived by its employees.

A major asset in this competitive work environment

Providing “ extras ” to employees in addition to their salaries has long been part of the way many companies operate. In fact, integrating employee benefits into the corporate culture provides many advantages which are in the interest of the company, but especially of its employees.

Your employees will feel at home

Very quickly, the Office Managers realized that offering privileges to employees is a source of continuous motivation, which promotes productivity and team cohesion. By showing them your consideration for their well-being, you stimulate this feeling of belonging to the company which makes your employees feel at home there. This constitutes a real competitive advantage, especially since:

  • your members will be more involved, more invested in their mission for the success of your activity;
  • you will be more likely to retain them and keep them for the long term.

Like ambassadors, they will thus be able to convey a strong, unique brand image for your company, which will be perceived far beyond the four walls of your company.

You can attract new talent to your business

The world of work is changing, as are its codes and requirements. Companies on the one hand, are preferably looking for new talents, young, lively and creative to advance their activity. The current generation, on the other hand, is more focused on the choice of a working environment whose beneficial conditions allow it to express all the potential it has. Thanks to well thought out employee benefits , you will be able to ensure a certain attractiveness for your company on the job market. You will be able to stand out as a recruiter and above all, make your establishment a place where everyone would like to work. Therefore, you will be able to attract many talents to your business and most importantly, keep them.

What advantages can you put in place for your employees?

You understood, including benefits for your employees in your corporate culture is an important factor of performance for the latter. From financial benefits to benefits, the privileges to be granted are almost endless. The only limit is therefore your budget and your imagination. The most common advantages include the different sectors of activity and leisure of your employees:

  • ticket offices;
  • cost reimbursement offers;
  • Gift Certificates ;
  • etc.

You are therefore present and share with them every moment of their life. Note, however, that there is no point in offering your employees benefits that they cannot appreciate. Indeed, they each come from different backgrounds, also have different needs and interests. To stand out, your role as Office Manager will be to listen to them. By understanding their expectations, you will be able to put in place actions that can promote their well-being, by offering them unique, achievable employee benefits that correspond to your corporate culture .

What companies are we talking about?

All companies without exception should offer their employees advantages that reflect their image. Since they contribute to their well-being and performance, they will be beneficial for a large company and even more for a start-up. And this, regardless of its sector of activity and the corporate culture it expresses.

How to set up advantages for your employees?

If there are a thousand and one possible advantages to offer to your employees, only one way is recommended to put them in place in your company. Moreover, innovative solutions exist for this purpose.

Create a Social Economic Committee (CSE) for your company

The CSE is an institution of the company bringing together all the employee representative bodies. Its missions take into account those of the former Works Council (CE), namely to take care of the well-being of its employees by managing the allocation of employee benefits . If large companies (with at least 50 employees) are bound by a legal obligation, start-ups, small and other medium-sized enterprises are a bit outdone. Fortunately, it is now possible to outsource the management of benefits for your employees, thanks to modern and innovative solutions like Uggy.

Uggy, the modern solution to manage your employee benefits

At Uggy, we seek to democratize employee benefits, in order to make them accessible both to the self-employed (Freelances) and to SMEs. Thanks to the partnerships forged with several brands across France and the rest of the world, you can offer your employees useful benefits that they will appreciate. Indeed, our offers take up the habits of the current generation and cover several areas of interest and activity sectors (sport, leisure, health, travel, etc.). All you have to do is create an account in the name of your company, define a budget to manage your benefits and add your various collaborators. They can then simply enjoy the benefits of their choice, according to the conditions set. All in a fully dematerialized way, just like the current generation.

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