Frequently Asked Questions

All the answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Uggy is a digital works council that allows all professionals to benefit from preferential rates from its partners.
To use Uggy, you must be an employee, manager of a French company or independent professional. It is the only condition.
Reduce your daily expenses, from simple errands to vacations on the other side of the world.
Take advantage of preferential rates on digital services, never offered to CSEs before.
Recover your benefits via the platform or in your mailbox, instantly by e-ticket or promo code.
Take advantage of it online or in store.
The offers available on Uggy are generally usable without limit.
If this is not the case, this is specified in the conditions of the offer.
The Uggy card allows you to benefit from off line offers, that is to say physical offers. Indeed, some of our partners offer preferential rates also in stores.
If a promo code is not valid, please notify us directly on the offer page.
An "Invalid promo code" button is available.
Our teams will resolve the problem as soon as possible.
Uggy is without obligation. No advance notice. You can stop your subscription at any time by clicking on "Stop my subscription" in "My invoices".
My account
Your personal information can be modified from the "My Account" page directly on the platform.
You can delete your account at any time from the "My Account" page on the platform.
Yes, thanks to Uggy, you benefit from the same offers as those offered to employees of large companies. No need to be an employee to enjoy the same benefits as companies.
To benefit from Uggy, you must be a professional: employee, business manager or self-employed. We are therefore obliged to check the professional status of our users.
You will find your supporting documents on the URSSAF website directly, in "My Account" then, "my certificates".
To create your Uggy account, you can go to the page for freelancers .
Fill in the information requested in the form, and add your supporting documents to finalize the registration. After these steps, you will be able to access Uggy offers.
If you are the legal representative of the company, you can subscribe to Uggy for your employees. You can go to the registration page.
No, an employee who is not a decision-maker within his company cannot create an account for it. However, you can provide us with the information of the person in charge. Our sales team will contact her for you.
Employee management is possible from the platform in the "User management" tab. You can add or delete your users instantly.
Yes, you can add an employee simply from the "user management" page. Fill in the information concerning him, he will receive an email inviting him to register. Your invoice will be automatically adjusted as soon as your new users are added.
Yes, you will find your monthly invoices on the "My invoices" page. You can download them at any time.
To join Uggy is to differentiate yourself from its competitors in order to attract the best people, reduce staff turnover, associated recruitment and training costs.
Joining Uggy means pushing your teams to be motivated, productive and committed to corporate life. It also means recognizing the efforts of its employees by boosting their purchasing power.
Want to become a partner ?
Would you like to be a partner? You too, contribute to the well-being of thousands of professionals by offering them preferential rates on your service.